Jason Jones @ Law

The Salty Droid (with pants)


This is not the lawyer you are looking for...


  • You got scammed on the Internet.
  • A pyramid scheme tricked you out of way too much money.
  • Your online speech is being threatened by the people you are speaking out against.  
  • You lost everything in some crazy cult. Was it even a cult? You're not sure. 
  • A telephone sales floor stole your grandma's retirement.

Jones@Law is a unique law practice that seeks to take on cases involving internet fraud, MLM scams, deceptive income claims, high-pressure sales tactics and fraudulent business opportunities. It is my goal to hold companies and individuals accountable for the damage perpetuated through these illegal businesses. 

I've been fighting scams for a long time; maybe I can help you.

Or, maybe you can help me?

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